• Jillian Jacqueline Faces Reality On New Single “Reasons”

    Singer-songwriter Jillian Jacqueline released her latest single “Reasons”  yesterday. Written with Sarah Buxton and produced by Tofer Brown, “Reasons” boasts a catchy melody and beat, but song’s feel-good vibe masks the frustration and sadness presented in the lyrics. Jacqueline sings about falling out of love and making the difficult decision to cut ties, despite the lonely aftermath that will inevitably follow.

    Jacqueline proves her songwriting talent, clearly writing from experience and lending obvious authenticity to her work. Listeners will identify with a level of maturity gained from owning your feelings and remaining true to yourself. The music video [below] beautifully blends the lyrics and meaning with the emotions and frustration associated with justifying a breakup.

    Key Lyrics: “I’m so sick of living a lie / So screw all of our reasons why / We feel like roommates, standing at the same sink / We don’t even kiss goodnight / I don’t wanna be a quitter / Don’t wanna have to answer when everyone asks me why.”

    For all things Jillian Jacqueline, follow her on TwitterInstagram and her Website. “Reasons” is available for purchase here.