One thing everyone at The Shotgun Seat has in common is a love for music. Another is the desire to build something amazing.

We’re a new kind of media company focused on building a community of country music lovers, from those that dig for songwriter demos to those that just want a soundtrack to popping a beer and grilling out on the weekends. We are the foremost online discovery tool for up and coming artists, and we’re dedicated to being the go-to source for new country.

We’re looking for a great fit – someone who gets our mission and believes in the same things we do – and who has a desire to make a difference. If you’re someone who wants to build their career rather than being promoted into it, if it frustrates you when great acts don’t get the recognition they deserve, if you’re someone who likes to take control and collaborate with smart, talented, driven people: you’ll like working with us.

We’re a startup looking for part-time involvement in each of the following roles. We can’t pay you yet – our founder will make less than you do – but we can make sure that the work you’re doing is accomplishing your goals as well as ours, with the opportunity for some pretty cool perks along the way.

We’re looking for people to fill the following roles:

Events Director

Our Events Director will be responsible for planning, booking, organizing, and executing the site’s live events, both in and out of Nashville, and booking our “The Hang” livestream. You’ll work directly with the Founder to build out an event calendar, and will work with the Marketing Director to ensure all events you plan are marketed to their full potential. While being in Nashville may be a plus, this role can be remote. An ideal candidate is energized by watching something they’ve built come together, and is motivated by the ability to work creatively and autonomously.

Director of Video Content

As Director of Video Content, your role consists of coordinating and executing content in three main areas: content for the website (video interviews, exclusive acoustic videos), marketing materials (event teaser reels, branding materials), and content collection at events that we host. You’ll work with our Managing Editor to plan all site-related content and with our Marketing Director to plan and execute strategies, and report directly to our Founder.

Within those roles, you’ll have a ton of creative freedom. You’ll be fully responsible, and obviously credited for, all video content produced for the company, as well as assembling the team members you need to edit, shoot, or provide ancillary support during shoots. You’ll have a hands-on role in not only creating content but directing strategy for the site and its ancillary content platforms, and you’ll get to work with a variety of up and coming artists and larger names. A great fit for this role is somebody willing and interested in being part of the company’s transition towards profitability, and you’ll join the team of directors responsible for that, with the potential for payment following. An ideal candidate will possess the skills and drive to succeed in the media world and is looking for an opportunity to grow their relationships, network, experience, and reel.

Director of Business Development

If you’re skilled at connecting with professionals in a variety of industries, enjoy negotiating to find the most fair and mutually beneficial agreements, and have an eye for potential opportunities, you’ll do well in our role as Director of Business Development. For this role, we’re looking for someone who truly understands our mission and is excited by the potential to connect it with like-minded companies, individuals, and projects. You’ll be responsible for spearheading partnership growth for The Shotgun Seat, including developing growth strategy, leading the discovery and implementation of new ideas and ventures, negotiating contracts, and evaluating incoming requests. You’ll report directly to the Founder and be responsible for managing your support team as necessary.

To apply, please send your resume (or reel, if applicable), cover letter, and a link to one of your favorite songs to