Jordan Davis Releases Three Eclectic Singles Ahead Of New Album, ‘Home State’

Ahead of his new album, Home State, Jordan Davis has released three unique, genre-bending singles that showcase the artist’s eclectic taste. The Louisiana native had a hand in writing all twelve tracks on his upcoming album, so naturally many of these songs seem to speak to Davis’ own personal life.

“Leaving New Orleans,” written by Davis, Lonnie Fowler, and David Frasier, is a testament to this, with sweeping lyrical imagery that has a fond warmness to it. The gentle acoustics blended in with some more synthetic elements along with horns and steel guitar in the background help to create a very atmospheric mix. In that sense, the spacey, disconnected vibe suits the lyrical content well, as Davis chooses to leave New Orleans to escape the memory of his former lover. He can’t call it home anymore, and he states that he’ll miss things such as “the French marker on Saturday” and the “bayou sunrise.”

The next track, “Going ‘Round,” can almost be seen as the aftermath of Davis’ current single, “Singles You Up,” where the woman in question has finally left this other guy. Written by Davis, Ben Daniel, and Pavel Dovgalyuk, this track takes on a somber, slightly darker feel. There’s a strong sense of maturity as the narrator acknowledges his friend’s newfound heartache, choosing to simply be there as a friend instead of trying anything else. The huge chorus is sure to reel the listener in, with a contemporary vibe that’s perfect for the current country landscape.

The last single, “More Than I Know” takes a different approach from the previous two singles, and it’s here where producer Paul DiGiovanni’s influence is apparent. With its faster, snappy tempo and clap-along percussion, Davis shows that he can get a little funky with his music, and the chorus has a stomping, darker edge to it. The scuzzier instrumentation truly makes for unique production.

It’s safe to say that thus far, Davis has shown that he can write lyrically strong songs (“Leaving New Orleans” and “Going ‘Round”) as well as lighthearted songs like “More Than I Know.” The result is an artist who seems to have found a happy balance. Look for Home State to be released next week and pre-order it here.