Jordan Rager Paints Heartbreak in Bright Colors with New Single “Colorblind”

We’ve all been anxiously waiting to hear new music from Jordan Rager for a long time, and his newest single “Colorblind” (plus the accompanying visualizer) were worth the wait.

In “Colorblind,” Rager relates that seeing certain colors spark the memory of a lost love. Throughout the video, Rager, clad in a white T-shirt, is enveloped by bright clouds of color and gets increasingly dappled in paint splatter as the song moves along. The major key keeps the song feeling light, while the words and melodic patterns create a sense of melancholy.

Key Lyrics: The blue in your eyes shows up in the sky / So I’m always praying for rain / The red of your lipstick burns in the sunset / Wish it would fade into gray / Maybe goodbye would be easy if I could see it in black and white / God I wish that I was color blind

The theming is strong and creative, and Rager’s Georgia accent rounds perfectly around each word. This song makes for the perfect summer cruising-along-the-highway jam.