Josh Osborne – Songs You’ll Love Based on the Hits


(From Left to Right: Kacey Musgraves, Shane McAnally, and Josh Osborne)

Josh Osborne is one of Nashville’s finest songwriters, notably crafting hits for the likes of Kacey Musgraves, Kenny Chesney, and Kelly Clarkson. He has an impeccable talent for storytelling (much like his cowriting buddy Shane McAnally) capable of perfectly prescribing an emotion to a lyric – the formula to country radio success. Here are five songs you’ll love based on five of Osborne’s biggest hits.

If you like “Chainsaw” by The Band Perry

You’ll love “Stupid” by Kacey Musgraves

This album cut by the incredible Kacey Musgraves is a kiss-off track to a boy who is/was totally bad news. Much like Perry in “Chainsaw,” Musgraves is also over love (because it’s shady and stupid, obviously). Both songs feature organic, grungy instrumentation calling on a swelling kick drum and solid guitar to drive the beat. Between the lyrics and production, these songs visibly perpetuate raw post break-up emotion.

If you like “My Eyes” by Blake Shelton and Gwen Sebastian

You’ll love “Goodbye Girl” by Luke Bryan

One of the soft, slower tempo cuts from Luke Bryan’s latest smash album, “Goodbye Girl” is a love song written and produced in similar fashion to Shelton’s “My Eyes.” Lyrically different, Bryan has to say goodbye to the girl whereas Shelton gets to remain fixated on her all night. Regardless, both songs are led by an emotive guitar and brushed snare and hi-hat combo that will pull on your heartstrings in all the right directions.

If you like “Leave the Night On” by Sam Hunt

You’ll love “Before the Summer Dies” by Josh Dorr

Another certified hit, Josh Dorr’s “Before the Summer Dies” is a lyrically rich, up-tempo anthem to the last days of summer when we just want one more night on the beach, song by the bonfire, walk down the boardwalk, etc. But like any great song, summer is a metaphor to love, and everyone loves summer. Written in the same vein as Hunt’s “Leave the Night On,” both boys are determined to savor the romance for one more night.

If you like “We Are Tonight” by Billy Currington

You’ll love “Sing it to Me” by Dustin Lynch

This is actually one of our favorite cuts from Dustin Lynch’s latest album. “Sing it to Me” is a mid-tempo ballad that displays emotion we had yet to see from Lynch. The production is beautiful, filled with bright piano, steady guitar, and hand claps throughout. What we love about this and Currington’s “We Are Tonight” is the passion they both share behind their lyrics in addition to incredible hooks, naturally.

If you like “Come Over” by Kenny Chesney

You’ll love “Break What’s Broken” by Charlie Worsham

This isn’t the first time we’ve compared Charlie Worsham to Kenny Chesney, but like, we can’t help it. Both singers have a smooth, pleasant tone to their voice and retain that country sweetness in the softest twang, but then get them to sing a ballad and it’s just an A+. Like Chesney in “Come Over,” Worsham draws emotion from the realest places in “Break What’s Broken.” In this case, a beautifully exposed melody soars above simple production and gets it just right.

  • Markus Meyer

    I love most of those tracks. Musgraves’, Bryan’s and Worsham’s are outstanding, while I do enjoy Lynch’s. Good piece.