Kacey Musgraves Goes Behind The Scenes of “Biscuits”

Kacey Musgraves offers fans a behind the scenes look at her latest single “Biscuits” with her “The Baking Of” video on Vevo. “Biscuits,” which currently sits at #43 on country radio according to Mediabase, is an incredibly fun song, and Musgraves provides a cool and intimate look at its creation.

Written with Shane McAnally and Brandy Clark, the idea came during a write for “Follow Your Arrow” – Musgraves even includes footage of the moment when Clark came up with the line that ultimately became the hook for “Biscuits.” The trio revisited that line in a later write, and Musgraves’ latest single was born.

“Biscuits” is the lead single from Pageant Material, Musgraves’ second album, which will release June 23rd. As with Same Trailer, Different Park, the album will be co-produced by McAnally and Luke Laird, and sticks with the proven success of her writing camp, co-writing heavily with McAnally, Clark, and Josh Osborne for the project.

Pageant Material track listing:
1. “High Time” (Kacey Musgraves, Luke Laird, Shane McAnally)
2. “Dime Store Cowgirl” (Musgraves, Laird, McAnally)
3. “Late to the Party” (Musgraves, Brandy Clark, Josh Osborne)
4. “Pageant Material” (Musgraves, Laird, McAnally)
5. “This Town” (Musgraves, Laird, Clark)
6. “Biscuits” (Musgraves, McAnally, Clark)
7. “Somebody to Love” (Musgraves, McAnally, Osborne)
8. “Miserable” (Musgraves, Osborne, Clark)
9. “Die Fun” (Musgraves, Laird, McAnally)
10. “Family Is Family” (Musgraves, McAnally, Osborne)
11. “Good Ol’ Boys Club” (Musgraves, Laird, Hemby)
12. “Cup of Tea” (Musgraves, McAnally, Osborne)
13. “Fine” (Musgraves, Ashley Arrison, McAnally)