Keith Urban Puts on Free Concert for ‘Ripcord’ Album Launch


Ominous clouds hung lazily in the sky as the streets of Broadway buzzed with excited commotion yesterday afternoon. Set to promote his Ripcord album launch, Keith Urban took the temporary stage on the Bridgestone Arena’s plaza, giving fans a free concert.

With half of downtown’s streets closed off and filled to the brim with fans, Urban’s pop-up show gave folks a taste of what Nashville is all about. The hour long set list consisted of new songs such as “Gettin’ in the Way,” “Wasted Time,” and “Break On Me” along with a handful of past favorites including “Sweet Thing” and “Somewhere in My Car,” providing listeners with a feel for what’s in store during his upcoming summer tour.

Fans climbed on anything in sight — garbage cans and traffic lights alike — to get a glimpse of the seasoned performer. To no one’s surprise, Urban put on an impressive performance that had the crowd swaying their hips and raising their fists in conjunction with the infectious beat and jaw-dropping guitar rifts; a performance that brought an undeniably sunny mood to an otherwise gloomy day.

“I’m proud of you, Nashville,” Urban exclaims as he bids adieu to the thousands of people who ditched their Monday afternoon responsibilities to immerse themselves in the Australian’s electrifying new music.

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