Kelsea Ballerini surprises fans with new song “Peter Pan”


She went from seeing stars to being one and, with the surprise release of her track “Peter Pan,” Kelsea Ballerini tells the story of a boy who is still chasing them.

The smile, the charm, the words, the spark… Everything. She has it. This past month has been nothing but a whirlwind journey for country music’s new favorite blonde, Kelsea Ballerini. From Taylor Swift tweeting about her debut E.P (and partying with her, no big deal), to embarking on the CMT Next Women in Country tour with Jana Kramer, Kelsea is just seeing the beginning .. and now with just a simple tweet, fans of Ballerini were graced with the beautiful sounds of “Peter Pan:, a song from her forthcoming album ‘The First Time’, out May 19th.

Always gonna’ fly away just because you know you can / Never gonna learn there’s no such place as Neverland / You don’t understand / You’ll never grow up / You’re never gonna be a man / Peter Pan.’

“Peter Pan” is a whimsically wonderful tune, rich in instrumentals and lyrically luscious. The replies to Kelsea’s announcement tweet spoke in volumes of the fans adoration for the song; each tweet teeming with capitalized letters and enough exclamation points to send an English teacher to an early grave.

Kelsea co-wrote “Peter Pan” with Jesse Lee and Forest Whitehead and, while musically it’s strong, lyrically it’s next level; a common theme throughout her previously released work. The parallels between with the Peter Pan we all grew up watching are ever present, and the word play will bring that English teacher right back from the grave.

You’re just a lost boy / Yeah, I know who you are/ And you don’t know what you lost boy / Too busy chasing stars’

Kelsea sings the story of a boy who will never be a man; a tale of an empty down heart that’s surprisingly also an anthem for the full ones.

“Peter Pan” is available on iTunes, and her debut album ‘The First Time is available for pre-order before it’s May 19th release. For more on Kelsea, check out our recent interview with her.