Kelsea Ballerini Releases Fierce, Intense “Miss Me More” Ahead of New Album

With the title “Miss Me More,” Kelsea Ballerini fans may have been expecting an emotional, slow ballad to listen to while crying into a glass of wine. Instead, Ballerini (with co-writers David Hodges and Leland) gives us an intense, fierce song filled with pop and techno beats that’s undeniably catchy. Ballerini introduces us to the girl who may have let a boy control her life for a while, but now she’s determinedly putting on her red lipstick and marching to the beat of her own stilettos.

The song is carefully written to be equal parts wistful and empowering. She’s gotten to the point where she’s hit the ground, and realizes that she needs to break herself free from a controlling influence. But while she’s defiantly blazing her own trail, she’s also coming to terms with how far she’s strayed from her true self. That’s where the hint of sadness comes in.

“Miss Me More” has a different feel than the other singles released so far from her sophomore album Unapologetically. This song has definite influences of pop and even rap – Ballerini is sonically branching out  with this single, but it doesn’t diverge too much from her typical fare of powerful songwriting, fierce independence and undeniably catchy beats.

Kelsea Ballerini’s new album “Unapologetically” comes out on Nov 3 can be pre-ordered through her website.