• Kip Moore Announces The Release Of ‘Underground’ EP


    Kip Moore fans woke up this morning to news of a five cut EP aptly titled Underground scheduled to be released later this month. While Moore has said he hopes to release a full length album in 2017, he told Radio.com, “Everywhere we go, the fans keep asking for the recordings of these underground songs that they’ve been hearing for the last few years. They’re a passionate fan base, so I decided to ask my label if I could record these songs live and give them the raw recordings.”

    Moore had been alluding to the possibility of a “hypothetical” project via his Twitter account last month asking for input on fan favorites.  With hundreds of possibilities, fans rushed to guess the 5 songs that might be released.


    Kip Moore “Die Hards” should be pleased with the project. It’s a collection of five raw recordings, three of which were recorded live, and will be separate from any upcoming album. Available for pre-order now, Underground will be released on October 28th on iTunes. As a bonus for fans who pre-order the EP is the immediate available download of track two “My Kind.” Co-written with Erik Dylan and Justin Weaver, “My Kind” is  gritty, edgy and high energy. Moore’s “take me as I am” and “make no excuses” attitude is front and center lyrically and the true raw sound is exactly what you’d hear at one of his live shows.

    “We take kind to strangers / Till they don’t take kind to us / So there ain’t no need to get a little rowdy / Settle down / We’ll have a good time /

    I’ll make you a promise / If you’re looking for trouble to find / You’re gonna get it from me and my kind”

    Underground Track Listing

    1. “All Time Low” -Kip Moore, Westin Davis, Luke Dick
    2. “My Kind” -Moore, Erik Dylan, Justin Weaver
    3. “Midnight Slow Dance (Live)” -Moore, Mike Elizondo, Dan Couch
    4. “Separate Ways (Live)” -Kip Moore, Jordyn Mallory, Couch
    5. “My Baby’s Gone (Live)” -Kip Moore, William Rinehart, Nathaniel Rinehart