Kip Moore Keeps It Real With Anthemic New Song “The Bull”

Kip Moore has released his second track titled “The Bull” off forthcoming album Slowheart  for fans who’ve pre-ordered the album. “The Bull” marks the first time Moore has recorded a song he didn’t write, but after one listen it’s clear “The Bull” fits Moore to perfectly. Writers Luke Dick and Jon Randall hit the nail on the head with this one. It’s a fists pumping in the air, anthemic song in which Moore gives his middle finger to anyone who’s ever told him he can’t make it and do it his way at the same time.

Moore tells Billboard, “I was pretty quickly sucked in to the feel of this song and the message behind it, I feel I’ve taken several of life’s punches over the years, and it’s what you do when that happens that will shape the person you become. This song was me and that’s why it’s the first outside song I’ve ever recorded.”

Luke Dick co-wrote Moore’s “Magic” and “That’s Alright With Me,” which both appeared on the Wild Ones​ album, and the two clearly work well together. Dick explained the story behind the song and how Moore decided to cut it: “The tag line of “The Bull” came to me in a dream. I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote down “thanks to the bulls that bucked me off,” as if I were accepting some imaginary Oscar. Seemed good at the time, then I went back to bed. I woke up the next day, and looked at what I’d written and thought the line looked like some dumb delusion of grandeur. A couple days later, I write with Jon Randall for the first time. I thought I had zero ideas when he got there.  After we chit-chatted about how many babies we have and debated whether Coke or RC is better, I told him I didn’t have any ideas for songs except this dumb line I dreamt up, and that it’d probably never amount to a song. Jon loved it and started dreaming up the story. He had all these brilliant lines (like “thank you uncle D for teaching me “La Bamba” on guitar), and we just meandered around the whole thing, letting this thing unfold itself. Jon and me both meander well, and I’ll never thank him enough for jumping on and conjuring an idea I might have thrown away. It’s been one of my favorite songs I’ve written. When we finished it, I wanted to show the whole damn world. Kip came in to write, and I showed him, not to pitch, just because I was proud of it. He loved it and wanted to cut it. I can’t think of anyone who could have done it more justice. He sang the hell out of it, and I can’t wait till it’s blaring out every window from here to Broken Bow and then some.”

In addition, Moore has released a video for “The Bull” directed by long time friend, PJ Brown (Life In Rewind Films) in which band members Manny Medina and Dave Nassie appear alongside former bandmate Matt Bubel.

Key lyrics: “Every nail that ripped my shirt. Every no I ever heard.  It should feel good to laugh when I look back and flip the bull the bird.  And I’ll say, and I’ll say, and I’ll say, Thank you Uncle D for teaching me La Bamba on guitar. Thank you girl from Broken Bow who shot an arrow through my heart.  Thank you Lynchburg for the nights,  I needed edges took away.  Thank you vinyl for the soundtrack to my life, it’s sure been great.  Thank you mama for the roll and thank you daddy for the rock.  Most of all, most of all, thanks to the bulls that bucked me off.”

Moore also recently announced his “Plead the Fifth Tour” kicking off this fall where he’ll be joined by Jordan Davis and Drake White.  Tour dates are listed on his website.

Pre-order Slowheart here.