Kip Moore Releases New Single, “Running For You”

kip moore wild ones running for you

Kip Moore’s second single off sophomore album Wild Ones will be “Running For You,” a co-write with Blair Daly and Troy Verges. The song is a standout on Wild Ones and a stellar release from Moore. The song is centered around a theme of selflessness and caring that’s been touched by Keith Urban (“Come Back To Me”) to Lee Ann Womack (“I Hope You Dance,”) and Moore delivers it no less beautifully. “But if the rain starts falling, falling on you / And your heart starts breaking, breaking in two / If the light starts fading, baby don’t move / Just say my name, stay right there / I’ll come running for you,” Moore sings over a bed of ringing electrics. There’s an immense maturity that comes with the rational restraint of the kinetic energy of passion, and Moore’s delivery is equally controlled, almost-but-not-quite overtaken by the passion in his vocal.

“I’m so excited that “Running For You” is finally going to make it to radio,” co-writer Troy Verges says. “We actually wrote it ahead of Kip’s first record. It didn’t make it onto that record and I was pretty bummed about that… but Kip always said it would find its home on the new record. He was true to his word and I love how he and Brett produced it. ‘Running For You’ has been one of my favorites ever since we wrote it.”

Moore has done well with emotionally charged tracks in the past – “Hey Pretty Girl,” the romantic fourth single for Moore, was Platinum-selling – and “Running For You” should do well for the artist. Moore hits the road on his headlining Wild Ones Tour this week, featuring Michael Ray as the opener.