Take A Ride With Sam Hunt in the “Leave The Night On” Video

Yesterday we got the opportunity to see Sam Hunt in the flesh for the first time, and let’s just say the boy lives up to the hype. At a CMT Listen Up taping in downtown Nashville, the much-buzzed singer/songwriter treated an enthusiastic crowd to a short set of some of his most beloved tracks – the pre-MCA hit “Raised On It” as well as our personal favorite, the slow jam “Speakers.” None of the songs, however, got the booming reception as Hunt’s debut radio single “Leave the Night On.”

Today, Hunt dropped the video for “Leave the Night On,” which elevates the track to a new level of fun. The clip features Hunt as a taxi driver, picking up and dropping off all sorts of characters before ending at a party. The minimal video isn’t groundbreaking by any means, but Hunt’s charisma and charm makes up for the lack of plot. The video also features Hunt’s entire crew – his band members, members of his team, and close friends, including up and coming country/pop artists Tyler Filmore & John Gurney.

But the main focus is the song – and it’s still one of the catchiest tracks on radio at the moment. And that kind of bizarre, kind of awesome “Drops of Jupiter” reference in the chorus is as great as ever.