Lee Brice Releases Tear-Jerking New Single “Boy”

Lee Brice just released a single for the first time in a while, returning to radio waves with his new soon-to-be hit “Boy”. Some may have wondered how Brice could follow career-defining hits like “Hard To Love” and “I Drive Your Truck,” but honestly, he’s outdone himself with this new single. “Boy” is about the love between parent and child. Brice said in an interview, “The first thing I saw when I heard this was me and my daddy . . . right after that, I saw my little boys.”

Written by Jon Nite and Nicolle Galyon a little over two years ago, this song came from the last co-write Galyon had before she went on maternity leave with her second child. Galyon says, “They say write what you know. And all Jon Nite and I knew was that I was thirty-nine weeks pregnant with a boy. So God gave us this song.” She’s been playing this tear-jerker at rounds around town for the past couple of months, announcing that it was going to be a single, but keeping quiet about the artist who would cut it.

The song’s acoustic roots allow for the lyrics to bleed through Brice’s voice. The track was produced by Lee Brice, Jon Stone of American Young and Dan Frizsell – they nailed it, and kept the honesty alive in every note. Listen below: