Lee Brice Releases Video for “That Don’t Sound Like You”

Lee Brice released his video for his latest single, “That Don’t Sound Like You,” this week, Brice’s latest single following his #1 “Drinking Class.” Brice shot the video, directed by Ryan Smith, at a national park in Virginia Beach. Written by Brice, Rhett Akins, Ashley Gorley, the song laments a girl whose shining personality has dulled.

“‘That Don’t Sound Like You’ is another song from like real life,” Brice said at the celebration for “Drinking Class” topping the charts. “I met this girl in high school, first day of high school, and I had a crush on her but she didn’t wanna date me, she said I was too nice. And one day she’d date me, right?

“So eight years go by, and we’re best friends. And she was the most vibrant, happy, positive, silly, athletic, just sunshine smiling person you ever met. And then after eight years… she always dated these guys that were just not good for her, and I mean bad. The last guy she dated really just tore her down, so by the time she did come around, and said you know, we were gonna date, so we kinda started dating, I saw this completely different person.

“She was broken down, she was insecure, and she was almost depressed – she was physically and emotionally destroyed,” Brice says. “I was just brokenhearted because I saw the person she was, and it was the saddest thing I’d ever seen, especially my best, truly my best friend. So ‘That Don’t Sound Like You’ is like a snippet of that story cut down in a really short three minute song.

“But again, that’s the stuff that I wanna tell. Some people don’t wanna put their heart on their sleeve or their real stories out there, but I like to just be honest and tell the stories ‘cuz I think that people connect with the stuff that’s real.”