Lewis Brice Readies EP With Teaser Song “Still with You”

Hey Lee Brice fans, listen up: his brother Lewis is also an artist, and if you aren’t familiar, you’re missing out on some serious skill. The Brice brother has a similar vocal tone, perhaps a bit raspier on delivery (especially in the plaintive “Messin’ with My Mind”!)

Brice’s most recent release, “Still with You,” manages to be both fun and emotional, an uptempo grooving song that centerpieces devotion to a love interest.¬†Brice wrote the song with Parker, and it serves as a teaser for his upcoming EP, out July 14. Brice teamed with his brother for the project, co-producing it with Lee along with Ben Simonetti (Zac Brown Band, and a member of Sir Rosevelt) and Brian Bunn. The song follows on the heels of “Messin’ with My Mind,” which¬†showcases Brice’s expressive vocals and emotional strength.

Listen to “Still with You”: