[Listen] Kelleigh Bannen Confides in a Sanctuary of Honesty with “Church Clothes”

The country genre is no stranger to ruthless honesty and Kelleigh Bannen’s newest project is a stunning example. “Church Clothes” is melodically simple, letting the lyrics and story shine.

“You drive, I look out the window / It’s not right but nobody says so / We walk in and head to the same pew / And hold hands, just like we’re suppose to / But last night you slept on the sofa / And these days I don’t even know ya / We fight like hell but nobody knows / When we’re wearing our church clothes. / We stand up we sing a hymn / We say a prayer for other friends / We’re turning to the book of John / And I’m thinking how I can’t go on / But we smile and we give it our Sunday best / If we’re lost couldn’t tell by the way we’re dressed”

The classic tale of keeping up appearances while everything is breaking down, written by Grammy award-winning songwriter Liz Rose and Nicolle Galyon, is relatable and raw. The song has a way of empathizing a cracked foundation in a partnership where communication is rare and fighting becomes the norm. All too common of a situation, putting on your Sunday best and saving face, is addressed in the four minute track.

Take a listen to “Church Clothes” below and grab it on iTunes here.