• [Listen] Steve Moakler Will Spin Your Emotions with “Wheels”


    In 3 minutes and 44 seconds, Steve Moakler manages to take you through every stage of life, from toddler to adult relating each phase to the wheels you are riding. The first single off his forthcoming album Steel Town, “Wheels,” transcends you back to a simpler time.  Whether in a baby carriage, on a matchbox car, or the wheels in your head spinning during a prominent decision, each carry us through life. We love when a country song can make you reflect and really feel something; “Wheels” does just that.

    “They don’t slow down / they speed things up you start wishing you were young as soon as you grow up / the farther you roll the faster they spin / they drive you away and bring you home again / I swear sometimes it feels, like life’s just a set of wheels.”

    Take a listen below and pre-order Steel Town here which will be released March 17th.