[Listen] Zac Brown Band Release First Single From ‘Welcome Home’

Zac Brown Band are not ones to shy away from embracing true, real life emotions. “My Old Man,” the first release off their forthcoming album Welcome Home, is sentimental as well as nostalgic. The quiet ballad is sonically uncomplicated and brings the band’s sound back to the days of “Highway 20 Ride” and “Colder Weather.” Produced by Dave Cobb, laced with the softness of the fiddle, the story twists through the struggles of growing up, defiantly facing his father, then becoming a father himself, to ultimately missing him, praying one day he’ll meet him again.

“My old man / Feel the callous on his hands / And dusty overalls / My old man / Now I finally understand / I have a lot to learn / From my old man.”

The track feels like you are peering into a personal diary entry, and is undeniably empathetic.  Traditional country fans who can criticized the band for their detour away from the genre will be thrilled to hear the simply country song.

Take a listen below and check out Zac Brown Band’s tour dates here.