Lucie Silvas’ “Letters To Ghosts” Is Soulful and Gripping

Lucie Silvas takes no prisoners (well, okay, maybe not literally) in her latest video, directed by Patrick Tohill, for the song “Letters To Ghosts.” The title track from her upcoming album, “Letters To Ghosts” is dripping with soul, following a pounding beat and rich vocals. “And I can’t let go of / Someone I wanted the most / Still on fire / I’m writing letters to ghosts / If I was stronger / You would be holding me close / But his love has got me stoned,” she sings on the hook. Silvas’ vocals are bursting with conviction and dynamism – there’s a texture to her voice that draws the listener in – and the song grooves along with her. Add to that its inherent catchiness and you’ve got an artist – and song – that demands further listens. 

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