Lucie Silvas Releases Three-Part Video Project “The Trilogy”

Lucie Silvas’ new video series “The Trilogy” is a powerful combination of three songs from her debut album: “Letters to Ghosts,” “Villain” and “Smoke.” The videos are put together to tell a devastating story; buckle up, it’s a crazy ride.

The dark, disturbed main character is played by Silvas, and the viewer is taken into the depths of her troubled mind. In “Letters to Ghosts,” Silvas throws on a striking white pantsuit and perfect wing tipped eyeliner to create a vintage feel. She seems mostly happy as she rides around town in her white Lincoln Continental and buys red roses, something’s off. She proceeds to reveal a man (still alive) tied up with his mouth taped shut in the trunk of her car.

This is followed by “Villain,” which shows a repentant Silvas admitting to her evil ways to that same man through the glass at a prison. The mood is somber, gray, emotional and hopeless. At the end, her words are clearly not well received.

Lastly comes “Smoke,” the final and hardest-hitting video revealed from “The Trilogy.” Silvas is pictured in an AA-type meeting, surrounded by others who have become entrenched in their own destructive habits. Though they all appear to be seeking help, shots of the individual members engaging in their sins make it clear that they’ve decided their darker sides are simply a part of who they are, and that cannot be undone.

These three videos combine to make one story that haunts, intrigues and forces self-reflection. “The Trilogy” is a true piece of art with tragedy and self-fulfilling prophecy.