Luke Combs Drops Highly-Anticipated Song “One Number Away”

“One Number Away” has been a primary song choice for Luke Combs on his concert tour dating back to 2016. Today, the previously-unreleased track hit streaming platforms for the first time, creating additional buzz leading up to next month’s album release.

Co-written with Robert Williford, Sammy Mitchell and Steven Andre Battey, the song stays true to Combs’ style by narrating a story of someone yearning for the person they once loved, and the temptation to dial their number. Like Combs himself, “One Number Away” is authentic and real, with hard-hitting lyrics and top-notch production.

Most importantly, much like his chart-topping jam “Hurricane,” the song is relatable – “If you’re anything like me you just might be doing whatever it takes to drown out the noise / But I just wanna hear your voice.” Combs has once again found the middle ground, mixing emotion with singalong verses, to produce another likely radio hit.

“One Number Away” is one of 12 songs to appear on Combs’ album, This One’s for You, which comes out June 2.