Maddie & Tae Release Strong Debut EP


Maddie and Tae, a country duo from Texas and Oklahoma, released their debut EP on Big Machine’s Dot imprint today. The self-titled EP features 4 tracks, including their first hit, “Girl In a Country Song.” This track sends the message that girls are more than just a pretty face by throwing comedic punches at the stereotypical country song. It is also complimented by a humorous music video.

Their EP is a refreshing break from the “bro-country” movement currently riding the radio waves. Three of the four tracks are upbeat, dance-worthy, and showcase beautiful harmonies. “Fly” separates itself from the rest as a motivational song that takes a break from the comedy and encourages listeners to take risks without the fear of falling.

This EP is a prelude to their first full-length album that is expected to release next year.

Track listing:

  1. “Girl In A Country Song” (Maddie Marlow, Taylor Dye, Aaron Scherz)
  2. “Sierra” (Maddie Marlow, Taylor Dye, Aaron Scherz)
  3. “Fly”  (Maddie Marlow, Taylor Dye, Tiffany Vartanyan)
  4. “Your Side of Town” (Maddie Marlow, Taylor Dye, Heather Morgan, Blair Daly)

You can download Maddie and Tae’s EP here: