Mary Sarah Is Bluesy and Empowering on “Without You”

Photo by Katie Kauss

Need a bit of empowerment to get you through a breakup? Mary Sarah’s latest might be perfect.

“Without You,” released today, is presented sincerely, a heartfelt goodbye that packs independence and strength into a bluesy mid-tempo. The song is neither full ballad nor full groove, sitting breezily in a sweet spot that highlights her vocal and lyric with a snap in its step.

“I do hope it helps others who find it hard to see the positive in a breakup,” she shares in a release. “Finding yourself through a broken relationship is a very empowering thing to do.”

“Without You” does just that: it’s strong but not vindictive, and acknowledges hurt without wallowing. It’s engaging and soulful, with a delicacy that at times recalls the stylings of Ashley Monroe, Lily Allen, or Amy Winehouse.

It’s not a rage-and-revenge anthem nor is it a crying-into-your-pillowcase song (despite what the first verse might say); it’s a simple better-without-you. For listeners, it’s a better-with.

Grab the song on iTunes and stream below: