Meet the Railers



The Railers’ name was propelled into the national spotlight last Friday when Hunter Hayes announced on the Today Show that they would be one of two opening acts on his “Tattoo (your name) Tour.” Their Facebook page received a whopping 720% increase in “likes” compared with the previous week, and everyone who is new to the band is in for an absolute treat. At a time when “Bro-Country” is dominating the airwaves, The Railers pay homage to country’s roots, offering a contemporary spin on a more authentically country sound.

The group is made up of four members, Cassandra, Jordan, Jonathan, and Tyler, who began their journey together as a band called the Tin Cup Gypsies in 2010. After three years of dedicated work, which included a 200 show tour, Warner Music Nashville/Atlantic Records snatched them up. Along with this big milestone, they changed their name to The Railers to make themselves more memorable to fans.

The band has a laid back attitude and all seem to be up for a good time. When the band opened up for Brett Eldredge last fall, it wasn’t uncommon for them to grab a drink at the bar with fans after their set. Although Cassandra is the only woman in the band, her Twitter description claims that she swears more and showers less than her fellow bandmates.  She’s also taught the guys a few things – earlier this month she tweeted that the guys all sat down and watched a 90s chick flick with her.

The Railers’ camaraderie is reflected in their music. Their recently released EP Geraldine, which was named after their traveling van, is chock full of impressive harmonies. The six songs on the album were selected for inclusion because they were the songs that fans requested most at their live shows. A highlight on the album is “Ray Bans.’ The tune captures the band’s carefree spirit and showcases their impressive instrumentation.  You can catch that song along with the rest of the EP on Spotify.

It’s safe to say that The Railers are going to add a lot of musicality to the Tattoo (your name) Tour.  As is clear from the tour promo below, the group’s knowledge of music and ability to jam mesh exceptionally well with Hunter’s love for musical experimentation. Those who will be able to see them on the tour are certainly in for a treat.