Must-Listens for November: The Shotgun Seat Team Picks

Check out some of our November favorites, from Adam Doleac to Chris Janson.

Lydia: “Some Girls” by Adam Doleac

Adam Doleac may be relatively new to the country music scene, but he’s not wasting any time gaining significant popularity – and with good reason.  His debut album released in June of this year landed him on SiriusXM’s “Highway Finds Tour” this fall. His song “Some Girls,” written with Lindsay Rimes, Monty Criswell and Luke Sheets, is an ode to finding a potential partner. The self-proclaimed hopeless romantic hits it out of the proverbial park with this one. Doleac sings about searching for his perfect match and the possibilities of where he may one day meet her: “Is she in a cab in New York City? Is she sunset L.A. pretty? Or singin’ along to the radio, on a dirt road, in a small town / Is she blue jeans or a black dress? A Cold beer or a hot mess? Looking high and low for the love that she ain’t found / But right now somewhere out there, there’s gotta be some girl, looking for some guy like me.” His smooth, bluesy sound can be compared at times to that of John Mayer. If you’ve yet to discover Adam Doleac, you’re in for a treat.

Natalie: “Shine On Rainy Day” by Lee Ann Womack

*Surprise, surprise,* I chose a Brent Cobb-penned track. This Cobb and Andrew Combs cowrite is just the right mix of heartbreaking and hopeful, with spot-on lyrics like “Laughin’ ain’t a pleasure till you know about crying” sprinkled throughout. Of course, both Cobb’s and Combs’ recordings are beautifully executed, but Womack’s vocals take it to another level. It’s powerful in its subtlety, and the gritty guitar in the background adds a darker, rising-from-the-ashes feel to the production. The whole album is worth a listen (or ten).

Markus: “Drunk Girl” by Chris Janson

Chris Janson has proved himself capable of excellence, with strong cuts such as “Holdin’ Her” and “Cut Me Some Slack”. Despite a hit-and-miss radio record, it was clear he had the potential to be a strong addition to the mainstream radio world. With “Drunk Girl”, he truly capitalizes on this talent. “Drunk Girl” is a bold, powerful record that tackles a tough subject sharply, and with intricate intelligence. The production seamlessly blends the best tendencies of modern pop-country with traditional tinges, and allows enough room for Janson to croon with authenticity. It is truly the complete package, and is one of the finest and best-written pieces of music released in country music in a long time.

Liz: “Sun Don’t Go Down On That” by Dustin Lynch 
Dustin Lynch recently released his third studio album, Current Mood, on Broken Bow Records, and makes a lasting impression with the album’s closer, “Sun Don’t Go Down On That.” With beach vibes and a pop flavor, Lynch reminisces on a romance coming to an end. Opening with the sound of soft-crashing waves and distant seagulls, the song is a tribute to a richly lived summer and brings back nostalgic memories of bare feet, sun kissed skin and summer sunsets. Written by Lynch, Ross Copperman and Jon Nite, the song is a hidden gem off the 13-song album.
Key lyrics: “The sun don’t go down on that / I wish I had you back / I want you back so bad / Oh, the sun don’t go down on that.”