New Music: Ryan Hurd Releases “Love in a Bar”


It’s not a Disney fairy tale, magical moment; however, “Love in a Bar,” Ryan Hurd’s newest single, is authentic and relatable. “I wasn’t there to get drunk but it happened ’cause I never wanted to say good-bye,” he singsThe track highlights the mysterious emotions felt when you unexpectedly meet someone during a night out.

During an interview with The Shotgun Seat earlier this year, Hurd told us a about his songwriting process. “I love poetry and I love Nashville and I just show up every day and try to do something that I kind of haven’t or just that I like,” he said. “A lot of times artists want to cut the next thing, they don’t want to cut what they’ve already done, so I just try to do my next thing. Whether that’s something for me or for somebody else, that’s fine. Or nobody. Generally, it’s for nobody. You write a lot of songs that nobody ever hears.”

The songwriter’s ability to write undeniable real-life lyrics are present here, and fans are certainly awaiting his full length album that he has been working on. Take a listen to “Love in a Bar” below.