New Song: Kacey Musgraves’ “Biscuits” Brings ‘Country’ Back to Country Radio

If you are looking for a fun, country sing-a-long, Kacey Musgraves has it covered. Her newest single “Biscuits,” which impacts radio today, gives Musgraves a smooth transition from Same Trailer, Different Park to her much anticipated upcoming album. According to Shane McAnally, who co-wrote the song with Musgraves and Brandy Clark, “It was one of the first things we wrote for the new project, and it became a great jumping off point for the next chapter. I think it really bridges the last record and the next record perfectly, as it is the only song that could fit on both.”

Known for her songs that go against the grain – both lyrically and musically – Kacey does not disappoint with “Biscuits.” It is a quirky tune filled with cute cliches with an undeniable air of attitude that reminds listeners that the key to a happy life is minding your own business.

“The line ‘mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy’ was something that we collectively came up with back when we were finishing songs for the last album,” McAnally notes. “We all knew it could be an amazing hook for a song, but we didn’t have time to really work on it until after Same Trailer, Different Park was already turned in. I put the line in my phone with Brandy [Clark] and Kacey’s name by it, and the first chance we had to write again, we started working on it.”

As with any good country song, this one was inspired by getting away from the city lights and surrounded by nature. “We were at a cabin just outside of Nashville on a retreat,” McAnally, who also produced the song along with Luke Laird, recalls. “Being out in the country really helped us to get back to the real basics of writing a true country sing-a-long.” And they were quite successful, if you ask us. The lyrically simple “Biscuits,” with its wonderfully twangy instrumentals and background vocals that mirror that of a group sitting around a campfire, invites listeners to join in.

“I’m very proud to be kickin’ things off with ‘Biscuits!'” Musgraves says. “I think it’s the perfect preview to the record we had SO much fun making.” Well, Kacey, we had so much fun listening to it. For those who are in the mood for a feel-good song, be sure to request “Biscuits” to your local radio stations.