New Video: Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen’s “Standards”

Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen released the video for “Standards,” a punchy honky tonk number that leads off their debut collaborative album, Hold My Beer: Vol. 1. The video perfectly captures the ethos of the Hold My Beer and Watch This tour and record, with people taking to the dance floor and footage of the lighthearted nature of Rogers and Bowen’s friendship.

With the hook, “I don’t have hits, I have standards,” it might seem that the song is a shot at radio, but Rogers, who wrote the song five years ago, doesn’t see it that way.

“I didn’t write it as a shit talking song at all, it was a song about me and how I play every night and people dance to my songs every night which is all I’ve ever wanted,” he says. “So it’s okay that I’ve never had the big #1 smash hit. I’m able to tour all over the country and do this for a living.”

“I was like man we gotta do that song, that’s perfect for what we’re trying to do here,” Bowen adds. “Because we always make fun of each other, like I had a song that was #35, and he had a song #38. So we’re making fun of ourselves ‘cuz we don’t have any hits, and it’s like okay, but we’re still out here doing it. That’s kind of the theme behind the whole record; that song’s a great example of just us as artists and our friendships and everything, we just go out and love our jobs and go play shows and don’t worry about anything else.”

Rogers and Bowen have been touring together for years, and the stellar Hold My Beer: Vol 1, which releases April 20, is a collaborative effort borne of that musical connection and friendship.