Nikita Karmen Releases Hopeful New Single “Nightmare”

If you’ve ever struggled with insecurities while navigating a new relationship because of previous attempts that didn’t work out, then up and coming singer-songwriter Nikita Karmen’s latest release will hit you right in your feelings. While “Nightmare” begins as a first person narrative about one woman’s anxiety over a new love, the Australia native perfectly describes just how haunting old scars can be in her opening verse: “Haven’t heard from you all day / Thinking maybe you changed your mind / You said you’d call me later / Is it just to say goodbye? / Cause I’ve been down this road / And I know how it goes.

Luckily for our narrator, though, her story has a happy ending, as she wakes to find that her partner is still right beside her and never actually left. Fear and uncertainty are suddenly replaced with relief and trust as Karmen, in the second verse, comes to the comforting realization that “it was just a little doubt that got left behind/From a love that didn’t work out/They’re just ghosts from yesterday/and they don’t live here now.”

While convincing herself that her new love is not like previous old flames, the singer also manages to fill listeners with a spark of hope where shadows of doubt would normally linger. Her gentle vocals and vivacious energy are both inspiring and contagious as Karmen has magically turned what started out as a simple anecdote into a dream-like experience that can actually re-instill one’s faith in love, relationships, and people. It takes a special kind of song to leave the kind of impact on its listeners that “Nightmare” will surely leave, if given the chance.