Olivia Lane Sparkles with Self-Titled EP

Photo Credit: Amanda Van Sandt

Country rising star Olivia Lane is releasing her self-titled EP tomorrow. The EP includes six songs, each of them relatable as the effervescent singer adds her own personal flare to her craft. In the few times we have spoken to Lane, she discussed being a role model for young girls, and her new offerings don’t fall short.

Back in May, she told us about her new music, “A lot is very uptempo, positive girl to sing about my growing up through school and life and being a millennial. I’ve been going through a lot of breakups recently so my songs are reflective about recently but it is so real,” she shared. “It still has the positive Olivia Lane spin because that is how I try to look at life, like the glass half full, but you know we all go through crazy things and there has been a lot of that. They all have that Olivia Lane humor to them so I am excited about them.”

Touching on heartbreak, self love and of course sunshine, Lane’s EP shows her versatility and growth. Kicking off the EP with “Lightning,” a true testament to following your dreams and let your inner light shine, Lane sings the uptempo song with power and conviction. “Especially as a young female, you just need to own who you are and figure out what you want to be and don’t let anybody tell you it’s wrong,” she says. “I feel we are in a very interesting time where people are owning what they are and people are supportive of that.”  The song sparks interest for anyone pursuing a passion, needing that extra encouragement.

Turning twenty-five earlier this week, Lane knows a little something about those interesting in between years. In “Quarter Life Crisis” she touches on feelings every twenty something has felt. If you have ever thought to yourself “What am I doing with my life” this song will hit you right in the chest.

Lane’s current single, “Make My Own Sunshine,” is the perfect pick me up song for any mood. Exuding her bubbly personality, the Jim Beavers and Ilya Toshinskiy co-write was featured first on Rolling Stone. “After about three hours we came up with this uptempo fun amazing song, and on a deeper level I kind of hope that it reminds people that we all have bad days we all have days that totally feel like life is against us and looking for a silver lining of a smile and looking for the joy in life is totally in our control,” she explains of the song. “We can decide if we are going to let life defeat us today or am I going to just live and be happy. So I hope that the song helps people get through a tough time.”

“There’s A Guy” and “Keychain” are fun, flirty, and manage to represent those early phases of a love story into a perfect little package. Lane co-wrote all but one song on the six track EP, “My Heartache,” which was written by Leland Grant, Ilya Toshinskiy, Shaye Smith, Tammy Hyler.

Maturing past slashing tires and nasty Facebook messages as so many exes feel, “She Fits” tells the story of a young woman who realizes her ex has found his true love. Lane takes a unique stance on a breakup, focusing on the acceptance stage. Her references to fitting like a glove, like a puzzle piece fit the story perfectly. A stand out on the already strong offering, “She Fits” is relatable and proves that Lane is not only a strong singer but also a great lyricist.

The EP offers a traditional country feel, while still remaining current and true to her personality. Be sure to pre-order here.  Connect with Lane on her TwitterInstagram, and website.