Olivia Lane Premieres “Make My Own Sunshine” Video



Olivia Lane’s personality truly shines through in her newest video for “Make My Own Sunshine.” We have chatted with Olivia several times before and each time it becomes more and more clear: if you had to describe her in one word it would be sunshine. In her video, she brushes off the rain with her genuine bright smile. Skipping down the street, interacting with passerby as she spreads cheer, Lane matches the upbeat fun tempo of the song with her lively presence.

Channeling Gene Kelly in “Singing in the Rain,” swinging around lamp posts and stomping through puddles, you can’tĀ help but smile while watching the young artist enjoy the heck out of her opportunity to promote her newest single.

Watch the video below and check back soon for an exclusive interview with Olivia discussing the single, the video and what she has been up to recently!