Premiere: Jillian Jacqueline’s “Keep This Safe”


We’re giant fans of Jillian Jacqueline, who’ve had us impressed since her subtle and beautiful “Overdue,” featuring vocals from Vince Gill, and we’re incredibly excited to premiere her new song, “Keep This Safe.”

Like “Overdue,” “Keep This Safe” is dynamic in its subtlety: the instrumentation is simple and complementary, and Jacqueline’s vocals are expressive without being overwrought. Brought together, however, the song is explosive, the pop-infused hook making for an undeniable windows-down jam while the lyrics touch the reformed ‘oops, I did it again’ in all of us.

Lyrically, the song is direct, an admission of romantic recklessness, “I’ve stolen hearts just to pawn them off, burned all the evidence to not get caught, never made a promise that I could keep, yeah you could say I’ve got a way of breaking things,” met with a change of heart, “I used to dance on the highest ledge, tightrope a heart just to say I did, turns out the ground’s maybe not so bad, ‘cuz you’re the best rush that I’ve ever had.”

Much like “Overdue,” “Keep This Safe” is a heart at a turning point, a past that’s been settled into yielding to an unexpectedly welcome present. “I used to leave, it was so easy to throw it all away but now I’m gonna keep this safe”  Jacqueline sings in the chorus.

Take a listen to “Keep This Safe,” which Jacqueline wrote with Richard Marx and David Hodges, exclusively on The Shotgun Seat, grab it on iTunes, and connect with Jacqueline on her website, Facebook, and Twitter.