• RaeLynn’s Real Life Experience Played Out in “Love Triangle”


    RaeLynn holds nothing back in her latest release “Love Triangle.” This very personal account of her own real-life experiences – her parents divorced when she was just 3 years old – has been acted out in a heart wrenching video. She co-wrote the song along with Nicolle Galyon and Jimmy Robbins and tells Taste of Country, “I grew up being that kid who was relaying information back and forth, walking on eggshells, knowing that when I’m with my dad I can’t talk with my mom because it would trigger things. The day we wrote this song I almost canceled because my parents were bickering and I was pulled into the middle of it and I was upset. But I’m so glad I went because we created something magical that day.”

    The video holds nothing back. RaeLynn’s honest, raw emotion pours out while switching between clips of her with tear-filled eyes and clips of a young girl shuffling back and forth between her time divided between separated parents. Shots of the child sharing special moments separately with each parent and being tucked into two different beds at different houses pull your heartstrings and allow the viewer to really see what a child of divorce goes through. It’s a unique and personal look into divorce through the eyes of a child. The song’s heartfelt lyrics translate perfectly into the video using vivid imagery.

    “Southern Belle statue standing in the screen door / Watching her whole world head for an old Ford /

    With a man that can’t look her in the eye / Then I run, to him / Big hug, jump in / And I cry for her / Out the window”

    RaeLynn says it wasn’t easy sharing her story with the world because it’s her families personal story. Explaining her mother’s reaction she tells Taste of Country, “And we were driving home and she was like, ‘Rae, that song is incredible, but so heartbreaking. Is that really how you felt?’” She goes on to explain that her father was also very emotional after a closer to listen to the lyrics when he realized the song was about their story. “My dad had to pull over. When that first pre-chorus hit him … he lost it.”

    “Some mommas and daddies are loving in a straight line / Take forever to heart and take a long sweet ride /

    But some mommas and daddies let their heart strings tear and tangle / And some of us get stuck in a love triangle”

    RaeLynn hopes that by telling her story through “Love Triangle” she will help others who’ve experienced similar situations.”I just think that this song is going to touch a lot of people,” she recently told People Country. “My dad would pick me up every other Friday at 6, and drop me off by 6 on Sunday. Around 4 every Sunday, I remember him getting a little sad, because he wouldn’t get to see his baby for two weeks. I can’t imagine, when I become a mother, not being able to see my child for two weeks. That’s really hard, but that’s the truth, and that’s the normal for a lot of kids in divorced homes. They have to split their time and split their love. It really is not that fair, but it’s a lot of our normal and our truth.”

    Helping others tell their stories is one of the goals of the song and video. RaeLynn urges fans to share their experiences using the tag #MyLoveTriangle on social media and the response has been plenty. To read the responses head to RaeLynn’s My Love Triangle.


    Even though “Love Triangle” was just released, it was written when RaeLynn was just 18 and she’s played it live many times. Now age 22 and recently married, the singer/songwriter feels her upcoming album Wildhorse, which will include the single, will showcase her personal growth. In a recent CMT interview she says, “But we all grow up. We experience life, and I’ve done that. I moved here, I lived on my own, I lived in an apartment with a roommate, and now I’m married and have two dogs. So, your life changes, and this record shows that.”

    RaeLynn’s album WildHorse is due out in December and is available for pre-order on iTunes now. Keep up to date with RaeLynn on her websiteTwitter and Instagram.