Rascal Flatts’ “Yours If You Want It” is Feel-Good Fun

“Bouncy,” “fun-loving,” and “feel-good” are just a few ways to describe Rascal Flatts’ brand new song “Yours If You Want It.” The lead single from their forthcoming album was co-written by the late Andrew Dorff, and it serves as a joyful reminder of an incredible talent lost too soon. In classic Flatts style, the subtler, anticipatory verses explode into a chorus full of harmonies and energy that will have you fist pumping and wishing for a summer day. Best of all, “Yours If You Want It” has a sound that harkens back to the group’s earlier albums – think “Fast Cars and Freedom” combined with “Love You Out Loud.” Positive, upbeat songs are like a breath of fresh air in the winter months, and Rascal Flatts has delivered just that.

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