Riley Green Stays True To Traditional Roots on New EP ‘In A Truck Right Now’

            Photo Courtesy of BMLG Records

Singer-songwriter and proud Alabama native Riley Green is one of Nashville’s rising stars. With the recent release of his latest EP, In A Truck Right Now, his rapidly growing fan base will undoubtedly grow exponentially. The 4-track project showcases Green’s strength not only as a songwriter but also a true country artist. Green co-wrote each of the four songs alongside some of Music City’s most talented songwriters including Chris DuBois,  Erik Dylan, and Jonathan Singleton.

Green explains: “I am more proud of this project than anything I have done musically, and I think it’s a great reflection of who I am as an artist and a person. It’s a great feeling to be able to tell my story through music and I just want to thank the fans for allowing me the opportunity. These songs are about how I grew up, and the kind of things that I believe in. It’s the things that mean something to me. And I’ve got a good feeling that there’s a lot of folks that grew up the same way, all over this country.”

His sound is a blend of both outlaw and traditional country, and his writing is authentic – it puts the listener smack in the middle of his world. In “Same Old Song,” Green sings “I’d fish this same ol’ hole / Hunt these same ol’ woods / Wouldn’t change one thing even if I could / Drink these same ol’ Coors / Wear these same ol’ boots / Be the same ol’ me lovin’ the same ol’ you / Be the same road, same truck, same town / Singin’ the same old song.”

Green kicks off his headlining tour “Outlaws Like Us Tour” this August in Alabama, where he’ll no doubt win over scores of new fans. Learn more about Green in the video below:

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Official Track List

  1.  “There Was This Girl” (Riley Green, Erik Dylan)
  2. “Same Old Song” (Green, Dylan, Jonathan Singleton)
  3. “Break Up More Often” (Green, Chris DuBois, Lynn Hutton)
  4. “In A Truck Right Now” (Green, Dylan, Randy Montana)