Rob Baird To Release ‘Wrong Side of the River’ LP in May

Photo by Greg Giannukos
Photo by Greg Giannukos

Memphis native and Nashville-based Rob Baird fled his typical music haunts for Austin, TX for the making of his latest LP, Wrong Side of the River, due out May 13. Produced by Brian Phillips, the album leads with “Ain’t Nobody Got A Hold On Me,” a bluesy and rocking number that introduces a theme on the album. Baird explains the album as a concept album, focusing on a road to sonic self discovery.

“In the end, it’s all about music to me,” says Baird. “Timing is everything, and you have to go through all the pain and suffering to figure out who you want to be and what you want to do. That’s life, and this album is mine.”

‘Wrong Side of the River’ tracklist:

1. Ain’t Nobody Got A Hold On Me
2. Mercy Me
3. Pocket Change
4. Run Of Good Luck
5. Wrong Side Of The River
6. Oklahoma
7. Horses
8. Mississippi Moon
9. When I Go
10. Cowboy Cliche