Ryan Griffin Debuts Well-Rounded ‘Sake of the Summer’ EP

Ryan Griffin, whose recent single “Back Seats & Burnt CDs” is in rotation on Sirius XM’s The Highway, released his debut EP Sake of the Summer today. The Florida native and Nashville adoptee, whose songwriting credits include Kelsea Ballerini’s “Dibs,” presents a well-rounded pop-country project.

The nostalgic, hooky lead single (“Back Seats”) is followed by the somber and heartfelt “Woulda Left Me Too,” which offers a refreshing, original take on the end of a relationship. Griffin sings: “And I hate myself tonight for what I put you through / I deserve every tear I cry for hurtin’ you, the truth is I woulda left me too.” The simple production and Griffin’s emotional vocal delivery make the track perhaps the most honest, memorable moment on the EP.

“Young Love” continues the tone set by the lead track, detailing budding romance with production that infuses R&B, dance, and rock elements (a la Sam Hunt’s smash hit “Break Up in A Small Town”). Though the topic is well-worn, Griffin’s creative lyrics present a convincing argument for the lasting power of teenage romance: It’s all part of who you are / We’re all growing up with a broken heart.”

The EP’s title track is pop-country gold, combining the tried-and-true themes of summer sunshine and short-term romance. The electric production and danceable rhythm make the track a promising potential summertime hit, complete with clever chorus lyrics like: “We let our heads tell our hearts what they wanted to hear / We let our our hearts tell our heads that we’re only here for the sake of the summer.”

Griffin’s first release proves to be a diverse collection of pop-country infused tunes, showcasing both his writing ability and his ear for catchy, radio-ready production. Keep up with updates from Griffin and his team at ryangriffin.com.