Sam Outlaw Previews ‘Tenderheart’ Album with Two New Tracks

California-based country artist Sam Outlaw made his full-length debut with Angeleno in 2015 (the LP made our list of favorite albums that year). After touring around the world and welcoming his first child with wife Andie, Outlaw is back with a sophomore project. Tenderheart is set for release April 14, and he’s released two tracks ahead of time.

“Trouble” is a lighthearted dig at a former flame who continues to cause conflict and spark a connection. The upbeat rhythm teases underlying frustrations about the inescapability of a past relationship, and yet the lyrics remain simple and playful. The overall sound is slightly different from the “mariachi-country” Angeleno, which showcased heavy Mexican-American influence – “Trouble” leans more Nashville than SoCal.

Key Lyrics:Why oh why are you still comin’ round / Told you I’m happy now I’m gonna settle down / We had some fun, probably more than we should / But you’re a little too evil for my own good.