• Sean McConnell’s “Mary and Joe” Reimagines A Classic Christmas Tale

    Though the holiday season brings with it its share of Christmas cheer, it’s not often that a song – new or old – rewrites the narrative. In Sean McConnell’s “Mary and Joe,” however, a new outlook is born, presenting the classic tale of Mary and Joseph in a modern world.

    “I was taken with the idea of imagining Mary and Joseph as a modern day young couple, possibly shunned and poor and struggling to bring their baby in to a cold world without any means,” McConnell shares in a release. “I wanted the song to have some real blood and sweat and edges to it. It was really intriguing and emotional for me to explore the thought of these characters surrounded by a world of cheap cars, seedy motels, exit ramps, and dilapidated parking lot shacks. It was almost an exercise to see what would happen if I focused almost entirely on the human instead of the divine. It’s a gritty and raw take on the Christmas story and I love that about it.”

    The song is beautifully presented, in a simple black and white video featuring McConnell and his guitar. It provides a relatable look at hardship, and draws parallels between the holy and the everyday, subtly remarking on the idea of God in everyone.

    Listen to “Mary and Joe” below: