Smoky, Soulful, Striking: Hear Two New Songs from Lucie Silvas

Lucie Silvas digs deep with two new songs out today, the soulful and emotive “Just For The Record” (written by Silvas, Ruston Kelly, and Jarrad Kritzstein) and “My Old Habits” (written by Silvas, Keelan Donovan, and Daniel Tashian). The former showcases Silvas’ strong and smoky vocal, sharing the story of a complex relationship’s ending over piano keys that echoes the ethos of artists like Adele.

“My Old Habits” is a lyrical companion to the song – both exist in the wake of a perhaps turbulent relationship. “Just For The Record” focuses on the former paramour, while “My Old Habits” scratches at the wound, “going back to the streets that we were drunk on / I’m on the wrong side of midnight and I’m not going home.” 

With both, the artist and songwriter appears at her best: vocally dynamic, lyrically compelling, and emotionally complex. Silvas perfectly balances vulnerability and strength, for a set of songs that wallow in tumultuous waters but don’t sink to despair.