• Song of the Day: “Here on Earth” by Trent Dabbs

    Song of the Day: “Here on Earth” by Trent Dabbs

    Our song of the day today is Trent Dabbs’ stellar “Here on Earth,” off his recent album Believer (check out our review here.)

    Dabbs’ music has been featured often on ABC’s Nashville, including songs such as “Undermine,” a Hayden Panettiere and Chip Esten duet, and “World on Time,” which also appears on Dabbs’ recent album.

    “Here on Earth” is a beautiful, melodic song, rather nostalgic in nature. “If you ask me, this all backwards,” Dabbs sings, “like keeping a candle for all your life and lighting it up on the very last night… should’ve told you while you’re here on earth.” It’s haunting in its simplicity and poignancy, and accompanied by gorgeous backing vocals and the sound of fingers sliding against a fretboard, it remains raw and honest.