Stapleton Showcases Versatility with Preview Tracks from Forthcoming Album

Stapleton announced the second installment of his RCA Studio A recordings, From A Room: Volume 2, at his Nashville tour stop last month. Since then, he’s released “Millionaire,” and most recently, “Scarecrow in the Garden” and “Tryin’ to Untangle My Mind.” The former is more introspective with subdued production, while the latter finds Stapleton returning to his classic groovy-jam style.

“Scarecrow in the Garden” is a poignant, haunting track written by Stapleton, Brice Long, and Matt Fleener. It details the degradation of a farm and the subsequent despair of the farmer – all perhaps a symbolic representation of the state of our world today. Stapleton’s vocals are softer than his usual growl, and the final lyrics (below) leave listeners with plenty to contemplate.

Key Lyrics: “The fields ain’t what they once were, the rains just seem to flood / And I’ve been thinking about that river, wondering how it turned to blood / I’ve been sitting here all morning, I was sitting here all night / There’s a bible in my left hand, and a pistol in my right.” 

“Tryin’ To Untangle My Mind” is covered with Stapleton’s usual bluesy-grit, with heavy guitar carrying his soulful vocals along a lyrical journey through his (failed) attempts to achieve mental clarity and closure. It was written with Kendell Marvel and Jaron Boyer, and the never-overwrought production showcases Dave Cobb’s talent for instrumental impact.

Key Lyrics:I do what I do and I don’t know why / But I do what I do till the day I die / You know heartache wrote the ticket, so I guess I’ll pay the fine / Trying to untangle my mind.

Stapleton, whose wife Morgane is expecting twins, just wrapped the final show of his “All American Road Show” tour. Volume 2 will be available December 1 – Find preorder information here.