Steven Tyler Releases Video for “Love Is Your Name”

Steven Tyler released today his video for his debut country single, “Love Is Your Name.” In the video, directed by Trey Fanjoy, chandeliers hang from trees, and rainbow fabrics blow in the breeze: it’s Tyler’s world, fantastic and indulgent. Loving Mary, with whom Tyler recorded the song, appear in the video as well.

“Love Is Your Name” was written by Eric Paslay and Lindsey Lee. “I wrote it with Lindsey Lee, I don’t know, probably three and a half, four years ago,” Paslay told us recently. “She played it at the Bluebird Cafe – I mean, it sounds like a Hollywood story, this is crazy. He was there that night, randomly in town, through a person she works with who’s worked with Steven. So Steven was there, just a friend of a friend type of thing. He loved the song, like she called me and was like, ‘Steven Tyler loved it, he says he wants to record the song!’ Three years later he gets reminded about the song through his same buddy, and they recorded the song. I didn’t write that song with Steven, but Steven and Lindsey and I did write a song together at my place and it’s awesome too.”