Sucker for Harmonies? You Need to Hear Ron Pope’s Latest, “The Last”

Photo by Blair Clark

Impressive harmonies? Butter-smooth vocals? Nuanced, thoughtful lyrics? Check, check, and check.

Ron Pope’s latest release, “The Last,” available exclusively on Spotify, is a gracefully written and gorgeously presented song. “My train of thought, it left the station / without a clear destination,” Pope sings. For Zac Brown Band fans in particular, the Nashville-based artist’s latest will appeal immensely, with smooth country sensibilities and well-placed harmonies.

“We’ve all given ourselves that pep talk after a relationship ends, the one where you try to convince yourself that you’re better off without her,” Pope shares in a release. “The sentiment is something along the lines of ‘Yeah, she fooled me, but she fooled people before I showed up and she’ll fool people after I’m gone. It’s not the end of the world.’ I’m saying all of that with a smile on my face; she’s someone else’s problem now so here’s a great big stack of harmonies!”

“The Last” offers a taste of Pope’s seventh studio LP Work, releasing August 18 on his own Brooklyn Basement Records.

Listen to “The Last” below: