Thomas Finchum Is Stunning On Debut Solo Song “This Town”

Thomas Finchum is easily one of our favorite new artists to cross our desks this year. With lilting, emotive vocals and striking songwriting, Finchum’s debut release as a solo artist plants him firmly as one to reckon with. “Even those neon lights on Broadway have all lost their shine / Cuz I know somewhere in their shadows are a million dreams like mine / That came to Nashville and died,” Finchum sings. It’s the classic story of an artist grappling with the reception of their art, but taken a step further: what happens if no one cares? “What are songs if no one hears them?” he asks. “What’s the point of me wasting my breath?” It’s a rather daunting approach for a debut solo effort (Finchum previously released music with his band Northern Nights), but if “This Town” is any indication, Finchum won’t fall on deaf ears.