Tim Hicks Rocks BC Place at BC Lions Halftime Show

As I always say, quality over quantity, and apparently Tim Hicks follows the same philosophy, because he made the most out of his two songs at the BC Lions halftime show. I’m going to keep this review short and sweet just like Hicks’ performance: it rocked. Seriously, it was amazing.

The two songs he played, “Here Comes the Thunder” and “Hell Raisin’ Good Time”, were fantastic choices. Both are energetic, rambunctious songs that fit the stadium venue to a tee. There’s also the fact that Hicks is a totally kick-ass performer. Remember when he said he wanted to learn stadium performing skills from Randy Houser and Dierks Bentley? I think he’s got backwards, from what I’ve seen out of Tim Hicks, Dierks and Randy could be the ones learning a thing or two.

My one (minor) gripe is that the sound quality wasn’t exactly the strongest, but that’s understandable considering how quickly they had to set up and how little time they had to remove everything. I’ll also add that’s it a damn good thing Hicks performed at the game, because the BC Lions totally sucked. But that’s beside the point.

Overall a fine performance from an act who seems to be tailor made to play stadiums. Good stuff.