Trent Harmon’s Sentimental “You Got ‘Em All” Brings All The Feels

Mississippi-born Trent Harmon’s newest single “You Got ‘Em All” feels like watching a sunset by yourself – beautiful, but with a twinge of sadness. The former American Idol winner released the track – co-written with Jordan Minton and Justin Ebach – as the lead single and title track for his upcoming debut album, due May 18.

The song’s story is about a guy who feels that the best days of his life have come and gone with a girl he used to know. Her vision of life outgrew their small town, and she longed to go to the West Coast and live out her dreams. He genuinely wishes her the best and hopes that all of those dreams come true, despite the fact that he misses her and the relationship they shared. The phrase “you got ‘em all” takes on numerous meanings throughout.

Key Lyrics:  “‘Cause I’m still waiting on life to begin again / Still waiting on love to give a second chance / To stop me and steal my breath the way you did / I’m still looking for your Jeep in every parking lot / Still taste your lips with every whiskey shot / And I hope you found whatever I ain’t found yet / ‘Cause I feel like all my better days are gone / And I think you got ’em all.”

The instrumentation is fairly simple, with the prominent melody being one consistent note on the piano. If you’re looking for a song that’s nostalgic and sweet with a bit of regret, this is the one.