Tucker Beathard Releases Humorous Video for “Momma and Jesus”

Today, January 23, Tucker Beathard released the music video for “Momma and Jesus,”the second single from his debut EP Fight Like HellThe cheeky video mirrors the potentially reckless “live life to the fullest now, ask for forgiveness later” notion of the song—with an always-entertaining slapstick humor that was most notably famed in MTV’s Jackass and Ridiculousness (the inspirations behind the video).

The video begins with Beathard spray-painting “Don’t try this at home” on a wall, preparing fans for the ensuing ridiculousness—pun intended. “You can go to hell from running your lips,” Beathard sings, standing in front of a graffiti style pair of angel wings and a halo. “You crushing out love like a cigarette/ The same old story, ‘I’ll change, I’m sorry’ / But the only ones forgive me / Are me, Momma, and Jesus.” 

From getting hit with paintballs in nothing but women’s lingerie to riding around on a mini dirt bike, it seems as though Beathard was able to let loose and embrace his inner child. In its entirety, the video is pure fun and a joy to watch. Catch the exclusive premiere of Beathard’s “Momma and Jesus” video on Noisey and visit tuckerbeathard.com for more information on his music and upcoming tour dates.