Tyler Farr Sends New Single “Better In Boots” To Radio

tyler farr suffer in peace

Tyler Farr sends his new single, “Better In Boots,” to radio today. The song is the third single off Suffer In Peace – “A Guy Walks Into A Bar” topped the charts for Farr earlier this year, while follow-up “Withdrawals” was pulled early and peaked at only #52 on airplay.

The song was written by Dave Pittenger and Justin Wilson.

“‘Better in Boots’ is a title I brought up – I just thought it sounded cool,” Pittenger tells us. “It was written over the course of two evenings, after our regular writing sessions. The first verse spilled out almost like a conversation, but we ended up writing three different choruses until we landed on the final version – it had to be catchy. We were in the studio the second night working on the song until 2 am, then first the next morning, we interrupted a meeting our publisher was in to play the song… I joked, “if you don’t like this, I quit!” They loved it. Tyler put it on hold about 20 minutes later, and the rest is history.”